Kerboo is retiring our SaaS offering

Since 2012 Kerboo has provided a world-class software platform for marketers to understand and improve their link profiles. The SEO world of 2012 was very different to the world of today and Kerboo’s systems were built for the massive scale of the challenge of those times. 
As such we have made the decision that we are closing the SaaS part of the Kerboo business to concentrate on consultancy and managed service, which we feel is a more appropriate and sustainable business model for what people need in 2021.
The aim is to retire the Kerboo datacentre in 2 weeks time on the 18th of November and so anyone needing to export their data from their Kerboo profiles should do so by that date. 
We understand that for many of you, this is a lot of data and so to make this process easier, we’ve already pre-exported a ‘mini export’ of each of your profiles, this includes all the information you’d normally get but is limited to 5 URLs per domain, you can access this now at

We do completely understand that many of you will still have a requirement to understand and improve your link profiles or those of your clients. As such we would like to direct you towards Opportunity Hive, which is operated by Paul (the co-founder of Kerboo) and the former managed service team from Kerboo.
Dom & Heather (co-founder of Kerboo and our lead dev) will be continuing to concentrate their time on building and growing their amazing Little Warden product.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support, help and business over the last 9 years and we look forward to continuing to work with you as Opphive and Little Warden in the future.

The Kerboo Family​​